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7 Tech Trends At CES 2018


As you know, I have always search for tendencies. Why? . It is critical to know what is coming so that you can spending budget for and leverage the right technology which will propel your company forward. A week ago I attended CES, one of the most significant technology conferences in the world, along with the innovation on display didn't disappoint.

 1. Convertible Tablets/Laptops

 Simple tablets and laptops with finger touch technology are giving way to more convertible devices with reliable features and traditional interfaces. A good example is the Lenova X1 Yoga, a convertible with a keyboard that folds behind the apparatus when it operates in tablet style and works when users want the experience of the keyboard. 

The bottom line here? . Convertibles offer a greater amount of functionality than tablets alone, so look for this technology to continue to boom this year. 

2. Smart Home Devices

 Whenever you think about the wise home device marketplace, you probably think about Amazon's Alexa, and for good reason. In 2018 look for the competition to increase, especially from products which could connect to the 3, Amazon Echo, Google Home, and Apple HomeKit.

 3. Augmented Reality

I have long since agreed that augmented reality will hamper reality, and this year's CES reinforced that for me personally. Do not get me wrong, VR is nonetheless growing, and I will touch on that in one moment. 

For the time being know that AR is very likely to burst this season, providing adventures that frees users while keeping them connected, a lot of that'll be available on mobile, another also.

 4. Companion Robots 

In 2018, robots will not just be for housework, they are also able to provide entertainment and companionship. Somnox, by way of example, created a companion robot to assist you fall and you stay asleep. Honda made waves in the convention, too, showcasing robotic concepts that hinge on AI assisting humans, a few of which even shows compassion through the facial expressions.

 5. Artificial Intelligence, in Everything. 

AI, unsurprisingly, was everywhere at CES, and lots of tendencies on this list fall into that vein. This will be the year of smarter, everything products vehiclesprocesses, smarter consumer goods technology solutions, as well as smarter cities.

 6. Health Sensors

 Like AI is rushing 2018 is the IoT. That's especially evident in the medical market. While there are things to consider with regards to HIPAA complianceand personal data, the value of detectors to help people improve their health and well being is undisputed. Sleep detectors were a particularly hot item at this year's conference, so keep your eyes on people. 

7.5G Technology

With blazing fast speeds and higher power, 5G technology is poised to change the world, and I do not say that. Why? . The IoT would not be where it's without the aid and the speed of 5G, which guarantee multigigabit download speeds. And that is just the beginning. 

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