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Best Gaming Mouse Tips


There's a lot of comfort and freedom with a wireless mouse once you get used to whipping your mouse around without dragging a cable along with it, it’s difficult to go back.

So why do most gamers stick with regular corded gaming mice? Well, that extra freedom and mobility come at a cost. Wireless gaming mice are usually $40-$50 less affordable than their wired equivalents. And while a regular nongaming wireless mouse might last months prior to the battery dies, the ultra-accurate tracking and the fast polling rate of gaming mice, together with a desire to keep them as light weight as possible, means smaller batteries are included so you've to charge them up every couple of days. For many, those are big deterrents. For others, the joys of utilizing a mouse untethered makes these minor setbacks seem trivial.

In the end, given all the hours you spend utilizing your mouse, shouldn't that experience be as pleasant as possible? These are our picks for the best wireless gaming mouse of 2017. The Best Wireless Gaming Mouse - Logitech G903 - Read our review - Watch it on Amazon - See it on Amazon - The original Logitech G900 stole gamers hearts last year with its incredibly robust wireless technologies And its stellar PWM3366 detector. The G903 is the same mouse, with a number of noteworthy changes: it now supports the company's new POWERPLAY wireless charging mousepad, and the switches are rated for 50 million clicks instead of 20 million.

The ambidextrous design is great much more comfortable than most, with the capability to add or remove thumb buttons from either side. Do you need buttons on both sides? Neither? The mouse and software support that. The customization does not stop there. A button behind the mouse wheel lets you toggle clicky style scrolling and free spinning mode. The competitive looking design is much more comfortable than it appears, and its pretty light for a wireless mouse. Logitech applications are great, also. And crucially, the software is lean and stable, so it won't hinder game performance. Eventually, The point of purchasing the G903 is to also buy the $100 POWERPLAY mousepad, an expensive, but the brilliant accessory. With it, you will never need to be worried about plugging in your mouse, or docking it, or having to swap the battery for a fresh one. At $150, plus $100 for that POWERPLAY mat, you may like to consider other top quality alternatives that won't cost a leg and an arm.

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