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Buying Cheap TVs


Everybody loves a bargain, but a Television that is cheaper does end up being a deal that is better. That's what we found in our evaluation of 3 years of Consumer Reports Television evaluations. Our crack team of statisticians looked at CR test outcomes and prices through 2017. The results are shown in charts below the factor consumers consider while looking for a television. Televisions from Samsung, LG, and Sony earned high scores in our testing as you can tell. And sets of TVs. From there, brand scores and costs have a tendency based on our investigation. Some brands Westinghouse and Haier, tended to trail others in cost and quality.

The takeaway: While it's tempting to find a Television particularly during sales events, from a brand, you may be accepting off a trade. What's Behind These Charts - We evaluated brand performance, which is. But performance could differ within a brand by series and model. For example, Panasonic scored well in the largest screen sizes in the early decades of our analysis, largely due to plasma sets that the company has since stopped making. Some lower price Television Makers, especially TCL, have improved in our testing lately. Heres yet another conclusion: There's frequently little need to settle for poor performance simply because you are on a spending budget, particularly if you are searching for a smaller TV.

In some size categories, there are just small price differences in between the highest- and lowest performing manufacturers. 3Inch televisions - As you can tell in the underlying chart, LG and Samsung lead the pack, with regards to both cost and performance, with Haier and TCL following other brands. The manufacturers in the middleVizio, Toshiba, and Sharp appear to provide a good balance of cost and performance, but you cannot have to pay much more for an LG, which scored better. Samsung's average cost is considerably higher. 39- to 4Inch televisions - There is a pretty big spread in both cost and performance in this display size.

Probably the lesson is that you do not always get what you pay for. While there are not a lot of surprises only, LG, and Samsung offer the very best performance do see a few brands, such as Hisense and TCL, move closer to the center of the pack. You could argue that Insignia offers the very best bang for the buck in this size class if you do not demand top picture quality. The manufacturer performs about as well as some more well-known labels, like Vizio, JVC, and Sharp, but its televisions cost considerably less. 46- to 5Inch televisions - Here is where things start to get interesting.

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