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How to record your iPhone screen


Perhaps your iPhone is behaving in an odd fashion and you would like to capture the strange behavior to share with somebody who might know what's going on? . Maybe you're playing an iOS game and wish to record your accomplishments to share with buddies or YouTube followers? . Or you could be wondering whether you are able to capture some video that is playing on your iPhone and save it. If this sounds like you then we have a tutorial which will explain how to record the screen of your iPhone or iPad so that you can share it. The way the to video the screen of your iPhone from iOS 11.

To allow screen recording you first need to add the feature to your Control Centre: 

1. Open Settings and tap on Control Centre > Customise Controls.

2.Locate Screen Recording from the list and tap on the + button beside it.

3.Once added you can leave Control Centre.

4. If you swipe from the bottom of the display to access the Control Centre,

5.you'll see the new Screen Recording button appear.

6.Tap the recording icon to start the screen recording.

7.Following a 3 second countdown, everything on screen is going to be listed.

8.While you're recording there is going to be a bar on top of the screen.

9.When you've finished recording tap on the red bar. Tap on Stop.

10. Your screen Recording video is going to be saved in Photos where one can edit the video if you desire.


How to record videos on your iPhone

Due to the new screen recording feature in iOS 11 it's possible to record video which it playing on your iPhone or iPad. To do this abide by these steps:

1. Open YouTube. Locate the video you wish to record.
2. Get ready to begin playing with it.
3.Swipe on the Control Centre and tap on the Record button as previously.
4. Wait whilst the video plays and after that stop the recording when it's done.
5.The video is going to be stored in Photos.

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