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These attributes are camera called by slick screen battery life what clinches your purchasing choice that is a smart phone is the cost. But do you decide which smartphone if a couple of new phones are published at the same time with price points to buy? We look maintaining the price. Making it easier to understand phones targeting a user base that is comparable, and competing with one another on the shop shelves, stack up with regards to construct features, quality, and functionality. Redmi 1S, with its look, doesn't stand out from the audience, whilst green and white draw attention, the Lumia 530s color orange.

The Redmi 1S is presently the strongest Android phone at this cost, with a quad-core 1.6 GHz Qualcomm processor. The operation is impressive, and UI conveniently puts the application icon directly on the home screen. The Lumia 530 has a quad-core 1.2GHz processor, which is very strong for Windows Mobile Phone OS which also works equally well on lower spec processors. Windows Mobile Phone 8.1s simplicity, as well as ease of use, is unmatched. Long pressing against the key shows all the programs that are open, and they can be closed by users. The 4.7 inch in plane shifting screen on the Redmi is bright rather than reflective, and both comfortable to use indoors as well as outdoors.

The Lumias 4 inches screen does not reproduce colors well, but text looks sharp. The on-screen keyboard feels cramped. The Redmis 2000 mAh as well as of the Lumia 530s 1430 mAh battery last a day on a single charge. Regardless of the smaller battery, of the Lumia does well due to the smaller display and Windows Phones power efficiency. Overall, of the Nokia Lumia, 530 is a compact, uncomplicated smart phone for basic users, whilst the Redmi 1S is probably the best affordable Android smartphone. Motorola Moto G vs Micromax Canvas Nitro A310 - The Moto Gs build excellent is top notch.

The slightly curved soft feel back can be simpler to grip. The Micromax Canvas Nitro includes a faux leather finish that isn't as impressive to hold. On paper, of the Nitro has better specifications than Moto G1.7 GHz octa-core chip versus a quad-core 1.2 GHz processor, 2 GB versus 1 GB Memory and a 2500 mAh battery versus a 2070 mAh battery. But these numbers tell only one side of the story. The Nitro takes 21 minutes to boot, whilst The Moto G takes just fifteen seconds. The formers lock display includes a classy digital clock, but with the custom, UI slows down performance. The Moto Gs plain Android interface gives it a functionality advantage. The Nitro tends to get warm when stressed, and the Moto G is brighter when multiple applications are open. The Nitros 13 megapixel camera is easier to use, using the touch to focus and touch to track object options.

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